Tuesday, 6 May 2014


From Beauty School appointments, job interviews and umming and arring about whether to go to Uni or not - the past two days have been a right mare!

Not only have the days been HECTIC pleasantly busy, today was also one of those days where nothing went right everything I did posed a new challenge. For instance - trying to wrap a dress I sold on eBay turned into a punch-up between the cellotape and I and the dog decided my foot was a chew toy when I was mid-email to a London University. I totally lost my cool.

So instead of pondering on my life goals and where this is all going to take me in five years' time - I'm going to post up the best and worst dressed from last night's dreeeamy Metball hosted by Queen Fash herself - Anna Wintour (although her own choice of gown left the world baffed...)

BUT no-one really cared what Anna was wearing because these 5 sirens stole the spotlight from last night's Metgala Red Carpet:

Top 5 BEST Dressed

5) Kendall Jenner 
Yes, she may have looked like a rabbit caught in headlights most of the night (albeit a deliciously beautiful rabbit) but her custom Topshop gown perfectly showcased that model bod of hers.

4) Dita Von Teese 
Jaw-dropping old-Hollywood glamour is Dita's thing - and my don't she know it! She wore a Zac Posen gown and carried a Roger Vivier clutch.

3) Arizona Muse
This is how you do Princess-Chic (Katie Holmes take note please...) The model wore a Ralph & Russo gown and quite literally glided down the red carpet.

2) Lily Donaldson
I love a bow. Especially an elegant, draping Burberry bow. 

1) Rihanna
Don't kill me for using a Yoncé lyric to describe Rihanna's outfit but please... Bow Down Bitches!
The Stella McCartney two-piece ensemble was just classy enough to do the diva right - add a choker, a flash of tat and make it tight enough to ensure a protruding nipple ring and voilà! RiRi has arrived!

Top 3 Near Misses

These three almost nailed it! Elizabeth Olsen (left) wore such a pretty dress and perfected her beauty game but unfortunately colour-clashed with the shoes - sad times. Maybe next year babes. Margot Robbie's bespoke Prada dress was an inch or four too long which is a crying shame as it really is stunning - and, last but not least, Janelle Monae in Tadashi Shoji and Jimmy Choo. Don't get me wrong I absolutely LOVE Janelle's look - but, honey-bee, this is the Metgala - this ain't no leggings and poncho kinda do.

And the three that should have stayed at home...

Sometimes it doesn't matter who you're wearing - as proved by these disgusting yet designer-dripping eye sores! 
We all know Rita Ora and Katie Holmes love a bit of attention so we can sort of just brush them aside for a moment but Kristen Stewart and Maggie Gyllenhaal? I can't cope...This is what I imagined happened: 

Being very busy, globe-trotting actresses (snooze, snooze) they left it to their stylists to chose something last minute. Seeing as the impending Metball was coming up nothing much was left. They were told, "Don't worry I've got a Valentino/Chanel from the A/W 2014 Collection and it is fabulous darling." They were lied to. It was too late. They should have stayed at HOME.

Who was your fave and who was your freak? 

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Friday, 2 May 2014

They Say Never Work With Children...

It's not been an overly great day - but no surprises I'm still happy as ever!

Having securing a part time job almost straight away after leaving my last job I'm still finding other ways to grab small amounts of cash doing this and that.

Market research and paid school runs are saving the day! Today I was assigned to assist a driver on a County school run. 

They say never work with children - and today I almost found out why:

"Why did you leave your job with nowhere else to go?!"

How can an eleven-year-old throw me off like this? Shake my confidence just like that?! The innocence to his question rocked me - Why on Earth did I do that?? Quick, think fast...

"Because I'm on a treasure hunt to find a much better job - one that makes me really happy!" My replied sucked and I knew it.

"But what do you do now?"

"I work at Starbucks."

"Do you earn enough?"

How does this child know? Glaring at his regular driver - who I also know from my previous job - I replied, "Yes actually, just enough."

How very awkward. This eleven-year-old child knows damn straight that I don't earn enough and continued to interrogate me until he got down to the truth.

Turning to face this charming, inquisitive little boy I looked him in the eye and said, "When you grow up make sure you chose a job or a career that makes you very happy and one that makes you excited when you get up in the morning because otherwise you won't do it properly. If you don't end up doing it properly you end up sad and letting people down and no-one wants to feel like that do they? Make sure you grow up to be exactly what you want to be."

Suddenly satisfied, the nine-year-old boy smiled and promised, "I will remember."

And just like that the subject was changed and we all went about our business. Not only did I give some worldly advice to a child (which I'm sure I've never done before) I also re-convinced myself that I did the right thing and to give up now would be criminal.

Moral of the story:
Do it for the people who want to see you fail 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

When Life Gives You Lemons...


My blog may not be the fanciest, or the most technically designed, but it's where I've shared my favourite products, my opinions about my favourite (or not so favourite) celebrities and where I've also shared some of my dreams and aspirations.

I haven't blogged in such a long time and I'm beginning to miss it. Sharing is caring - and as much as I have no idea who I'm sharing my thoughts with I've decided to re-take the plunge and get back into it.

I'm a little nervous as my priorities have changed - I still fangirl over celebrities, squeal over a brand new miracle product and still fall head over heels in love with new music. Most of all - I still dream big.

I recently left a well-paid, comfortable, full-time job to conquer new beginnings. I was terrified as I didn't know which plan to explore first!

That's what my Mum always says but is it really?! My one big dream - the one that would satisfy my soul to no end - is the one where I move to San Francisco and have an almighty view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I would wake up every morning to a foggy view of the Bay and eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner down at Fisherman's Wharf. One day, that still might come true - but it isn't easy for a little Diabetic dreamer to move to a country that doesn't have Healthcare. Trust me though, the research has begun.

If anyone has any knowledge or experience in moving abroad PLEASE GET IN TOUCH. This has to happen one day - even just for a year or two.

Focussing back to the here and now I had better start earning some cash to bay those delightful bills of mine and, of course, start saving for my exciting new future plans.

I now work part-time at Starbucks where my feet get battered and I come home soaked in coffee spills - but loving it all the same. Learning something new feeds the brain and adds quality to quantity - and I'm finally back working face-to-face with customers (I sort-of missed conversation and friendly banter with a new person every minute when stuck inside an office 24/7).

- A Buddhist proverb

I have appointments with recruitment agencies and interviews coming in so who knows where I'll settle - as long as I can save for my dreams I will do anything! 

I'll keep you posted...

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Monday, 11 November 2013

The Good, The Bad and the Gullible...

I need help! I've sampled 3 new products this month and they really haven't set my world alight. I need suggestions and I need them now!! On the flip side I've also found 3 beauty products I will use forever and ever! Let's get started:

1) Umberto Giannini Incredible Body Shampoo & Conditioner

The ad campaign for the Incredible Body range was quite simply genius. Millie Macintosh, hunky man and an interactive comic book ad (which you HAVE to read - CLICK HERE) - it was all so perf. So obviously I bought it! 

I can't say my hair didn't fluff up a bit because actually it did! I went from flat and limp to big and bouncy in about 2 weeks but then my hair also went dry and...rather crazy! Despite using heaps of conditioner my hair was simply impossible to brush out post-shower which added at least 15 extra minutes to my morning! Also, I can't say much about the scent for this Shampoo and Conditioner: Bland is the only word to use  to describe how it smells wet and dry! I much prefer products that smell delicious not just mid-wash but afterwards too - Can anyone recommend their fave shampoos?! I'm running on empty and need suggestions!

2) Little Mix by Collection - Jesy's Full On Mascara

This is the promo pic of Jesy on the page where you can buy this mascara:

This is my sad, gullible little face when I tried out the mascara:

NO! Not really! But still I was rather upset! Basically, Little Mix have taken the advice of other such pop stars who have 'branched out' and sold their personalities to sell random low-quality products! Boo...hoo! Even after 3 coats of this mascara my lashes were still nowhere near my usual every day length never mind boasting a 'full on' look. Other than Natural Collection, what other fabulous, affordable mascaras can I try?! Tell me now!

3) Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

This powder actually isn't a terrible product! The only thing that got to me was the fact that all the powder bunched up together and I had to stab it into loose powder for it to be any good. Other than that it lasted a whole month and didn't wear off my skin for a good 5-6 hours! That is a decent no-shine time! The Natural Collection version never congealed like this one so I'm tempted to go back! What powder do you use? I need to know!

Ok... Never mind the bad products because I know someone will set me straight by Tweeting me at @sheldan2207 OR post me your pics on Instagram (ShelbyLT22)! I want to get to know some new products!

Let's move on to 3 fabu products that I now can't live without:

1) Palmer's Firming Cocoa Butter

I apply this to my legs, bum, boobs and tum every single night and have noticed a considerable difference to my skin. I have less cellulite on my bum and thighs, super smooth skin and also smell rather delicious in the morning! 

2) Boots Soft Cosmetic Sponges

I've recently learnt the importance of changing your cosmetic tools every week - and these are affordable at only £1.95 for four and they feel amazing on your skin. I've tried some Superdrug sponges before and they felt much rougher than these! For a smooth, even coverage these are the best.

3) OPI Princesses Rule!

Kim Kardashian has been sporting short, feminine, subtle nails recently so I have also sported short, feminine and subtle nails. It's that classic Mean Girls moment:

Instead of getting a set of long Acrylics, I opted for a grown up full set of Gels coloured with OPI's Princesses Rule! A beautiful shimmering pink, this polish is one of the only colours I will ever re-use. Kim will be so proud. Probably...

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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

What Makes You Happy?

Why do so many people dislike this time of year?! Yes, it gets darker earlier and yesss I am aware it is getting chillier as the weeks go by...however are you all not excited for the snuggles to come?! Other than the fact I can now legally eat Jaffa Cakes without having a nervous break down about the next crop top trend, I can now enjoy all the other stuff Autumn has to offer! 

For all you miserable bast***s out there just ask yourself - What makes you happy this time of year? May I lend some suggestions?

1) The White Company had a wonderfully seasonal collage on their Facebook page last night with photographs that made you feel all warm and cosy inside:

The White Company are currently holding a 'Simple Pleasures' competition on Pinterest - check out their Facebook page for more deets! (Link above^) YAY for 'Simple Pleasures'.

2) T'is the seasonal for warm, snuggly, steamy bath-times and shower-times! I'm stocked up and ready to roll:

Bath essentials you just have to invest in are:

3) Winter foods that provide nutrition, heat and a good little layer of seasonal podge! Tonight my dear mother fed her chicks a slow cooked sausage casserole that has been filling the house with the scents of winter dinners all day! 

(Winter Recipes on Mother Earth Living)

Ok I've managed to think up 3 things on the spot that make me happy this time of yea! There is literally no need to be so grumbly! ;-)

What are your favourite things about fall? 


Friday, 4 October 2013

Must-Have Mascaras Under £5 - Huge Life Beauty Decisions!

This past week I have been eeking out the very last scraps of my Natural Collection mascara until Monday when the joys of pay day will arrive. I began the month lapping up the lustrous Le Volume de Chanel but clearly got overzealous. Going back to the Natural Collection Lash Care mascara after being spoilt with designer goods has been mildly painful. 

The cheapest I've been able to find Le Volume de Chanel for is £24 from Debenhams. This price tag isn't going to happen. In fact, I am actually looking to spend under £5 for my new mascara as I am skint! I've whittled it down to 3 options:

1) Volume Plumping Mascara by e.l.f Cosmetics - £3.75
"For BIG Lashes" - I do love a large lash. Full of Vitamin B this mascara looks after your lashes even when your layering it all up. e.l.f describe the results as intense and dramatic - sort of what I'd describe Kim Kardashian or Cheryl Cole's lashes. I like those odds.

2) Avon SuperExtend Eye Accents Mascara - £4 (Special Offer) 
The wand appears to be exactly the same shape and width of my trusty Natural Collection mascara so I know Ill get excellent coverage and length. I've never tried an Avon mascara before but have used eyeshadow, lipstick and lip gloss from their Color Trend range and have loved every single product. At £4 on special offer at the moment and boasting rave reviews online this does look a promising option.

3) Collection Little Mix Full On Mascara Jesy Volumising Mascara - £2.99
Do not judge me. Pop-girl-group-endorsed mascara wouldn't usually be my forte however Little Mix are cute and edgy. K?! Anyway, Jesy's mascara is for those who want the big, popping lashes that look thick and fake. You can also get Perrie's lengthening option, Jade's defining option or Leigh-Anne's clear option. Ahh, bless them. I might even find the time to test some more of their wonderful little make-up range some time in the future!

Decisions, Decisions...


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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Outrageous Autumn Beauty Trends

Shorter days, crispy leaves and emerging fluffy lounge garms; Autumn is finally upon us. I am a sucker for Autumn/Winter. Getting cosy and spending long evenings inside watching chick flicks such as Bridget Jones and The Holiday are daily occurrences in my household every fall.
The only slight harrowing prospect of the impending plummet of temperature is the mere thought of going out, out dressed up with no jacket, no leggings and no socks. Goosebumps ain't sexy... so I've heard.
My other blog (Obsessed With Them) deals with the Fall frock dilemma nicely - head over there now for the Pre-Autumn Fashion Prep where you'll find essential, trendy wardrobe staples for under £50 (including that bang-on Pink Trench Trend!).
Over here at Your Desirables I am discussing the Top 3 Most Outrageous Autumn Beauty Trends.

3) Woozy Eye-Lines
How can eye liner that looks like it has been applied after a bottle of rosé ever look good? Tell me.

As seen at:
Rag & Bone

Christian Dior

As Seen On:
Rita Ora at the 2013 GQ Men of the Year Awards

Kendall Jenner in Dominican Republic

2) Grotty Grunge
Achieving this look is easy: Apply make up and dance in the rain. Don't wash for 2-3 days and you're good to go.

As seen at:

Saint Laurent

As seen on:
Cara Delevingne at the Met Ball 2013

Sky Ferreira at the Givenchy 2013 Ready-to-Wear Show

1) Glitter Bombs
Glitter gets everywhere - in your eyes, down your throat, up your bum. We are not 11 years old (unfortunately) so no, I shall not be shimmering my face up!

As seen at:


As seen on:
Fearne Cotton

Khloe Kardashian

So there you have the top three most ridiculous trends for this Autumn - doesn't t sometimes make you wonder how we can trust these people when they tell us how to be beautiful?! Would you rock any of these looks? I just couldn't...although Halloween is coming up!